Conceptualizing Security Dilemma and Economic Impacts of the Russian-Ukraine War on the Central Asian Region


  • Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad Siddiqui Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Political Science and Pakistan Studies, Govt. Graduate College of Science, Multan
  • Khudam Ud Din Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Political Science and Pakistan Studies, Govt. Graduate College of Science, Multan


Security Dilemma, Conflict, Russian Insecurities, Economic Impact, Central Asia


The interactions between the world's great powers impact the global level of stabilization. There are two possible conceptions: power balance and security dilemma. The end of big (world or cold) conflicts allows for a shift from one constellation to another. The purpose of this article is to understand and investigate the origins of the Ukraine issue. It contends that the Ukrainian issue is merely a symptom of a larger struggle between two great powers and also analyzes the impact on Central Asian countries as they are highly dependent on Russia in both economic and political terms, putting them in a vulnerable position when it comes to disruptions and economic turmoil. As a theoretical construct, the realist interpretation of the Security Dilemma was adopted, and swat analysis was performed using discursive research techniques to find out the economic impact on the Central Asian region.


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