Iranian Social Media Entrepreneurs: Navigating Digital Influence on Economic Activities


  • Dr. Muhammad Akram Zaheer Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Okara
  • Dr. Zahid Iqbal Assistant Professor and Head of Media & Communication Studies Department at the University of Okara
  • Uzma Rana Research Scholar at the Media & Communication Studies Department, University of Okara


Social Media, Enterpreneurs, Advertisement, Economic Activities, Earning, Digital Influence


In an era of technological advancements and ever-shifting global markets, these entrepreneurs have effectively harnessed the potential of social media platforms to establish and sustain profitable business ventures. The Iranian social media entrepreneurs also are maneuvering of economic activities through the strategic utilization of digital influence. This study investigates the multifaceted strategies employed by Iranian businessmen, encompassing innovative marketing techniques and strategic partnerships. Taking an interdisciplinary approach that integrates elements of economics, digital marketing and cultural studies. It sheds light on how Iranian social media entrepreneurs have ingeniously overcome economic constraints to thrive in an increasingly interconnected digital ecosystem. The paper provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of entrepreneurial activities in Iran.


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